Whales Scooped Up $2.2M Worth Algotech (ALGT) in May, Why is This AI Crypto Beating (FET) and The Graph (GRT)

As the crypto world continues to open with new possibilities and opportunities, the month of May has seen many whales coming into space, the whales scooped up $2.2M worth of Algotech, this is quite a significant milestone and shows the level of confidence that investors have in Algotech. Thus the overarching question remains why is this AI crypt beating and the Graph?

Why is This AI Crypto Doing Better than and The Graph 

With the rate at which Algotech is growing, it has made investors and enthusiasts compare AI crypto with FET and the Graph

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To understand why Algotech is outperforming these competitors, it’s essential to delve into its unique features and recent developments. It is important to have a clear understanding of Algotech, Algotech uses an AI-driven technology to navigate the blockchain while, uses unknown agents to gather data. The Graph on the other hand employs a decentralized indexing protocol. No doubt FET and Graph are doing well; Algotech provides broader and wider service coverage.

The Social trading features of Algotech have made a significant change, thus with this traders can copy the trading strategies of successful traders, and this new development is attracting investors to the platform.

Furthermore, the low gas fees, thanks to the layer 2 solutions, is very significant compared to and the Graph, thus this has given it an edge over and the Graph

Algotech and its Progress

Algotech is known for its sophisticated technology, it uses its advanced algorithm trading and AI-driven technology to ensure that traders are given the best trading experience. Thus following the launch of its layer 2 blockchain, Algotech has become a force to reckon with, its transaction speed and low gas fees is attracting investors all over the world.

In addition, Algotech is using Artificial intelligence to up its game in space, thus by joining its already developed blockchain technology with AI, Algotech will show lots of efficiency and this will draw more investors.

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A Technical Point of View

Following the technical analysis, it shows that Algotech has shown a bullish movement, which has been watered by increasing trading volume and market sentiments that are driving prices higher. The $2.2M investment coming from large institutions, shows that in the near future, the price of Algotech will increase in price. The price has since tested key support and resistance levels; this shows signs of possible upward momentum.

In Parallel to and the Graph, there has been a good sign of strong performance. FET which has already been mentioned uses an unknown agent and the Graph leverages decentralized indexing, Algotech’s AI-driven technology provides a significant improvement in the trading platform ecosystem.

With Institutional investors coming into the space, it shows the level of confidence they have in Algotech and this has long-term investment potential.

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